EWN. Easy In, Easy Out.

Welcome to Coastal Carolina Regional Airport (EWN). We want your experience with us to be extraordinary. Our terminal is designed to make your travel easy, efficient, and safe. You’ll be in and out of our terminal with an ease rarely experienced in larger airports.

Airport opens 2 hours prior to first flight departure and closes 30 minutes after the last flight.

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Preparing For Flight

Our fast and friendly Ticket Counter staff are ready to help you with ticketing and luggage check-in. We look forward to making your trip as simple as possible.

TSA Security Check

Make your travel experience even easier by preparing for airport security in advance. Arrive early, have your bags and carry-ons properly prepared.

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Baggage & More

Luggage pick-up is fast and easy at the terminal baggage claim area. Ground transportation options including taxis, rental cars, and parking lots, are located just outside of the terminal.

Food & Refreshments

The Triple Play Oasis Restaurant & Sports Bar is conveniently located in the terminal and offers tasty food and refreshments for travelers. Enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and spirits. Open 5 am – 6 pm. Hours may vary.

Waiting in Comfort

Relax while you wait for flights or guests in our comfortable waiting area and enjoy the rocking chairs in our main hallway.

Free Wi-Fi

High-speed internet access is available throughout the airport at no charge to our visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the address of the airport?

200 Terminal Dr, New Bern, NC 28562

Do I need a REAL ID to travel?

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has required that all states and US territories begin issuing new, more secure identification for air travel and for accessing federal buildings and military installations. For most states, including North Carolina, this requirement goes into effect May 2023. Residents for some states may require an additional form of ID.

What are the hours of operation?

EWN Terminal opens at 4:30 AM and closes 30 minutes after the last flight.

How far in advance do I need to arrive before my flight?

We recommend that you arrive at the airport 2 hours before your flight is schedule to take off.

How do I know what items are allowed to be carried on aircraft?

Please contact your airline. Please note that any item allowed on any aircraft must first pass through the TSA security checkpoint.

Who do I contact for information concerning lost baggage, oversized baggage, fees for baggage, lost baggage, check-in times for baggage, and weight or size of baggage?

Please contact your airline.

Who do I need to contact if I need to get a wheelchair?

Contact your airline as they handle through their booking system.

What restaurants and shops do you have in the airport?

The Triple Play Oasis Restaurant & Sports Bar is conveniently located in the terminal and offers tasty food and refreshments for travelers. Providing breakfast, lunch, dinner, beverages, and spirits. Open 6:00 am – 6:00 pm.

I'm concerned about weather conditions and any changes with my flights. Who do I contact for information?

Please contact your airline.

Does Coastal Carolina Regional Airport have lockers for luggage storage?

No, there are no lockers at Coastal Carolina Regional Airport for luggage storage. All airport baggage storage has been suspended by order of the TSA.  Please contact your airline.

Can I travel with my pet?

Please contact your airline for fees, rules, and regulations.

Is smoking allowed anywhere in the airport or is there a designated area outside?

Coastal Carolina Regional Airport (EWN) is a non-smoking airport. Please see signage for designated outside smoking areas. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all other areas of the airport.

If I need to get a message to someone traveling through the airport who do I need to contact?

If you're trying to reach someone who is at the airport, we recommend you contact the Airport at 252-638-8591. Or contact their airline, who may be able to help further.

Who do I contact about an item lost in the terminals?

Call the airport at 252-638-8591 or ask for help from on-site Security.

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